Initial State

  • Open pit copper mine site
  • Productivity and cost reduction as business imperative
  • Mineral production restrictions
  • Pre-identified bottle necks: drilling and milling

What we did?

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Real bottle neck identification: hauling
  • Multidisciplinary team integration for value stream analysis
  • Identification and prioritization of projects that release bottle neck
  • Business objectives re-definition
  • Balance Capacity Analysis:
  • Indicates process level below client demand or bottle neck (hauling)
    Underutilized capacity (red)

Value Stream Mapping – Process


Improvement Opportunities

  • Performance Centres (pilots in Mine Operations and Maintenance Planning)
  • Performance Control through Value Driver Trees and Business Improvement Scorecards
  • Variability reduction
  • Loading time reduction
  • Shifts turns delays reduction
  • Visual Management for Performance Control
  • Training and coaching over Mine Operations team


  • Hauling Fleet Productivity Improvement:
  • 18% increase fleet capacity
  • 53% queues reduction
  • 39% delays reduction waiting for shovels
  • 38% delays reduction for load units unavailability
  • 32% delays reduction waiting for blasting
  • 27% operational delays reduction
  • 26% reduction in C1 cost

Improvement – Haul Truck Effective Hours