Sustainable Operational Excellence, from Vision to Execution

From good to great, excellence is achieved through a relentless pursuit of perfection. It is hard-earned and requires sharp strategic intent, uncompromising vision, steadfast leadership, and the genuine will to create a culture of excellence by developing people and their ability to solve problems collaboratively. The four pillars of Operational Excellence are:

  • • Portfolio / Program Management that is aligned with the strategy and objectives of the business, driving value through a disciplined approach
  • • Accountability through a performance-based culture
  • • The establishment of a Management Operating System to provide visibility on KPIs and enable data-driven decision-making
  • • The development of High-Performance Teams through coaching and training in a number of continuous improvement tools

Getting Started

A typical engagement begins with a diagnostic of all in-scope business and operational processes (as selected with the client). The main goal of this initial phase is to identify performance gaps, quantify benefits, and develop a detailed roadmap for implementation, prioritized according to client business objectives.

In the event that the client has ongoing internal improvement initiatives, Flow Partners works in partnership with these project teams to help assess and prioritize current projects and accelerate improvement results across the value chain.

A Flow Partners diagnostic follows a balanced approach of people, process, and technology and typically includes:

  • • Value Stream Mapping of the production system and supporting functions
  • • Detailed gap analysis and identification of performance improvement opportunities
  • • Business case for change
  • • Roadmap for Operational Excellence toward achieving Business Integration