Initial State

  • • New mining project with low grade of mineral copper
  • • USD $3.9 billion initial investment, 110.000 tpd expected production
  • • Innovative design is required to optimize the business case
  • • Management is willing to apply Flow Partners’ LEAN MINING® program from the beginning and a balanced approach of people, process and technology

Improvement Opportunities

  • • Pre-stripping mine operation, executes value stream analysis for 2 years
  • • Improvement opportunities identification to increase productivity in hauling and loading
  • • In plant construction, value stream analysis is applied to assess the expected performance (as Greenfield)
  • • Rock size reduction to primary crusher needed to ensure optimal recovery
  • • Plant operation orientation towards variability reduction more than throughput maximization, since performance depends on fine moly copper grade, highly sensitive to variability

What we did?

  • • Multidisciplinary team configuration, also with participation of other sites to design and execute based on Flow Partners’ LEAN MINING® program
  • • Crossed KPI´s definition for processes performance control
  • • Technology Strategy development towards business integration, from mine to final product
  • • 2 ownership changes cause inconsistencies in vision application


  • • Trucks load factor over 90% to fulfill plant demand
  • • Time and variability reduction in shift turns
  • • Availability increase for loading and hauling equipment
  • • Utilization increase for loading fleet