Performance management through Flow Partners’ LEAN MINING® program: Value Stream Management

A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating non‐value added activities through continuous improvement, our LEAN MINING® program produces an efficient production system where raw material is progressively transformed into finished product with just the right amount of work supported by a healthy cost structure.

Fundamentally, however, Flow Partners LEAN MINING® program seeks to create a learning organization that adapts and responds to changing conditions to facilitate the production process by removing barriers to flow. This entails a certain level of process control and feedback loops to measure and manage the behaviour of the system. Therefore, the quality and timeliness of the information flow is just as important as the material flow itself for it provides the basis for measurement and the opportunity for better decision-making.

Flow Partners LEAN MINING® program seeks to couple mine with mill for better business integration, increase throughput (capacity), manage variation (capability), decrease cost, increase quality, increase overall equipment effectiveness, and decrease lead time while improving safety and environmental stewardship.

Value Stream Management is the result of the application of our LEAN MINING® program principles to create an integrated mine-to-market production system which responds to customer pull, i.e. where the link between every step in the value creation process is well understood and managed by the organization as a whole and where the customer specifications (whether internal or external) drive the production process (i.e. pull versus push production).

LEAN MINING® program Value Stream Management

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