Make Value Flow.

The cyclical nature of the mining and metals sector promotes reactive behaviour to changing market conditions. When times are good, production is amplified, often sacrificing efficiency in order to maximize revenue. These conditions generally lead to rewarding short-term thinking while eroding sustainable profit margins. At the first sign of slowing emerging economies, cost cutting measures are widely implemented to quickly pull in the reins in an apprehensive attempt to regain control over escalated costs in a climate of falling metal prices.


FLOW Partners makes a difference

by creating exceptional value and improving lives


Integrity – respect, ethic, accountability, honesty

Quality – work, relationships, life style, knowledge

Diversity – people and business

Fun – passion, laughter, adventure

Innovation – flexibility


FLOW Partners will achieve its vision by:

Make a difference – how?

Actively listen to the needs of our clients and our people

Fully engaged in developing capability

Facilitate innovation

Ensure sustainability

Create exceptional value – how?

Be part of owner’s team

(consultants embedded in the client’s business)

Risk analysis and readiness assessment to scope project

Take 100% accountability

Deliver KPIs of project

Transparency, open communication, and timely reporting

Improve lives – how?

Promote work-life balance

Honor well being

Support learning and development

Share wealth through profit sharing, charitable foundation

Dedicated to teamwork